5 Ways Umbel Customers Will Benefit From Our Janrain Partnership

Today we announced Umbel’s latest partnership — a deep integration with Janrain, the leading provider of User Management solutions for the social web. As Janrain’s first analytics partner, customers are immediately benefitting from a simplified and expedited installation of Umbel to help them identify their most valuable audience segments, reveal their defining traits, and realize value or grow those segments.

Early on at Umbel, we found our customers were utilizing our services team in a way we hadn’t expected. Since Social Login is a prerequisite for leveraging social insights with our product, we have helped many customers sort through the uncertainties and understand the myriad of benefits Social Login provides businesses and consumers. We found ourselves referencing Janrain material as often as we were creating our own best practices and suggestions until we realized: Why recreate the wheel when someone has already perfected it? Janrain gives you a great set of wheels to put on your car while Umbel gives you the real-time maps to explain where you should go and why.

We support Janrain’s philosophy of creating a rich ecosystem where their partners can each be the best at what they do. Clients get the benefit of selecting precisely the providers that fulfill their needs with the assurance that everything will integrate smoothly and securely.

Here are some of the benefits we are enthusiastic about offering our clients through our Janrain partnership:

  1. A trusted, secure Social Login innovator
  2. A company that delivers excellent customer service in tandem (we will all happily jump on the phone to solve your needs together)
  3. A secure way to collect your customer social data that meets our best practices
  4. A secure way to store your customer data that meets our best practices
  5. The simplest, quickest method of installing Umbel, made possible by the Backplane protocol

We’re thrilled to combine our experience in social and data analytics with the innovative minds at Janrain, and look forward to an exciting future!