Umbel Hosts Djangocon Party

Umbel’s Engineering team are avid users of open-source software, including Django, a web application framework which powers most of our web-based SaaS product. Djangocon is the yearly conference for users of Django, and it brings in web developers and designers from all over the world. Several members of our Engineering team attended this year.

This year, we got the chance to “give back” to the community because Djangocon US was held in Austin, TX. Having Djangocon in our hometown gave us a unique sponsorship opportunity, so in true Umbel fashion, we threw a huge party! In addition to being a Gold-level sponsor, we hosted the official opening night event at Scholz Garten, near University of Texas. Food and drinks were had, and new friends were made!

It was a tremendous experience and we learned a lot at Djangocon this year, and we hope to make it there again next year. If you are interested in learning about Umbel Engineering career opportunities, hop over to our Engineering site!