Create New Digital Sponsorship Opportunities & Show Sponsors ROI

Engage sponsors and fans across every channel.

Enhance in-stadium and online experiences with digital sponsorships

Increase your sponsorship inventory and create new revenue streams with digital sponsorships. Give sponsors a unique opportunity to interact directly with your fans across all channels including web, mobile, social and in-venue with minimal time, effort and implementation cost.

Give sponsors creative ways to engage fans

With our audience platform, you can run contests, leaderboards, scratch-off games and more while collecting data on your fans and giving sponsors a creative way to promote their brand.

Three examples of Engagements including a meme generator, watch and win, and a scratch off code.

Identify high-value fan segments for sponsors to target

Group fans by demographics, brand affinities, behaviors and more so you can promote these digital sponsorships to fans with targeted and personalized campaigns that drive higher conversion rates. Create custom segments in seconds based on the following:



Gender, age, marital status, household income, ZIP code, education, children and more

finger pointing in the middle of a circle with data shapes around it.

Behavioral data

Past ticket and merchandise purchases, video views, website visits, social media posts, etc.

Facebook-style "Like," a heart and a Twitter-style bird

Brand affinities

Fans’ top brand affinities including cars, apparel, TV shows, alcohol, sports teams, etc.

Screenshot from Umbel platform with a zoom in on demographics

Show performance metrics
and ROI to sponsors

Screenshot from Umbel platform showing the performance of a campaign in terms of impressions, clicks, and conversions

With traditional sponsorship inventory, it can be hard to give your sponsors data about campaign performance beyond media impressions.

With our audience platform’s digital sponsorships, you can help your sponsors justify their investment with data including conversions, engagement metrics, impressions and more.

Acquire fan data and new leads for your sales team and sponsors

Our audience platform allows you to acquire detailed data about the fans who interacted with a digital sponsorship. Grow your own database and report back to sponsors on the demographics, behaviors and brand affinities of the fans that interacted with their brands. With opt-in capabilities, you can give your sponsors and sales teams lead lists and contact information for the fans who want to learn more about each of your brands.

Flowchart showing more detailed fan records coming out of the Umbel platform

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