What We Do

We take employee satisfaction and growth seriously. We also expect a lot in return.

At Umbel engineering, you would be working with a team that is motivated by quality and the opportunity to learn from each other every day. You should expect to iterate quickly and release often. We select our tools with care, and strive to build the most clear and stable foundations for our projects. Do you think there's a more appropriate tool? Convince us, and we'll use it. Don’t expect to be confined to a single project or part of the stack; we use a complex and distributed stack to implement a multi-faceted platform. Here is a small sample of the products we have built here at Umbel:

  • Digital Genome a profile-centric data-aggregation and visualization tool
  • Umbel Capture a distributed system that handles millions of events and actions every day
  • Pilosa a distributed, decentralized in-memory index with bitmap compression algorithms
  • Activators stand-alone applications that are compiled and deployed on the fly
  • Data Pipeline a platform for bulk data ingestion and automated imports
  • Reach Extension a process that leverages our Digital Genome data and proprietary algorithms to drive record-breaking marketing results
Who We Are

We believe data will be the most important asset of the future.

That’s why we built the best platform to harness the world’s data while ethically respecting and consciously defending the data rights of all. We are passionate about making data beautiful and actionable so that you are empowered to improve your business, improve your self and improve the world. We are converting massive amounts of people-based data into addressable, actionable and authentic relationships, and we need your help!

Alex Seubert
Alex is a software engineer at Umbel. He was three credits from a medieval studies minor in college and still reads books about witches and catapults.
Cody Soyland
Cody is the Lead Operations Engineer at Umbel. He is an avid mountain biker with injuries to prove it. He once spent the night in the former home of William S. Burroughs.
Travis Turner
Travis is Umbel's Chief Architect. In his spare time, Travis enjoys cycling and watching Water World.
Michelle Chu
Michelle is a Client Success Engineer at Umbel. She is an avid traveler, music festival goer, and lover of all Murakami books.
Kevin Safford
Kevin is the Lead Data Scientist at Umbel and a recovering statistical physicist. He once was hired as a Salad Engineer because he can clap with one hand and has destroyed three microwaves while sciencing; each time after saying: "what could possibly go wrong?
Todd Gruben
Todd is a Data Scientist at Umbel. At the age of 5 he went head to head with Curly Neal of the Harlem Globetrotters.
Ryan Ebanks
Linh Vo
Linh is Platform Engineer at Umbel. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and archery. She achieved Bowman level from Austin Archery Training Center, which is a really long way from being a real archer.
Matt Jaffee
Matt is the Lead Platform Engineer at Umbel. He enjoys studying new programming languages and can quote just about every xkcd comic.
Bethany Nagel
Bethany is a Client Success Engineer at Umbel. She's a Latin scholar turned account manager turned web developer. In her spare time, she runs marathons, scarfs tacos, and collects really bad puns.
Cina Saffary
Cina is a Frontend Developer at Umbel. He knows that he must do what's right, as sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.
Sean Brant
Sean is a senior software engineer at Umbel. He enjoys White Sox baseball, riding his bike and eating hamburgers.
Charlie Andrews
Charlie is a DevOps Engineer at Umbel. At some point in your life you will put food coloring on some herbs because everybody dyes some thyme.
Joaquin Casares
Joaquin is an Internal API Engineer at Umbel. For the past 4.5 years he's been immersed in the wonderful world of Cassandra and digital media arts before that. His childhood dream was to one day be Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop.
Alan Bernstein
Alan is a Platform Engineer at Umbel. His life goal is to upload his consciousness into something, doesn't matter what.
Ben Papillon
Ben is a software developer at Umbel. He has hiked almost 700 miles of the Appalachian Trail and hopes to one day complete the Georgia-to-Maine through hike.
Michael Baird
Michael is a Lead Engineer at Umbel. He developed a data-driven AI system for video games including 4 Wrestling titles. Sold his last startup Qrank, a cross platform trivia engine.
Who are you

You are passionate about your craft, problem solving, and self-improvement.

You are living your life with enthusiasm and passion, and have a wide breadth of technical and non-technical interests. You are self-motivated, but want to be a part of something huge. Your skills are formidable, but you're at your best when you are being constantly challenged. You are obsessed with quality and always learning and trying to improve yourself. You are smart, and you get things done.

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