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Convert unknown fans
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Uri Bogler
Uri Bogler
Front Gate Tickets
Vice President of Marketing

“We empowered our clients to take action with their data through highly targeted marketing campaigns that increase ticket sales.”

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Sell out events

Run hyper-targeted 5x-40x ROAS campaigns

Set your sights on specific audience segments with marketing and advertising messages and offers they can’t refuse. Filter down by:
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Gender, age, marital status, household income, ZIP code, education, children, and more

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Behavior Data

Past ticket and merchandise purchases, video views, website visits, social media posts, etc.

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Brand Affinities

Fans’ top brand affinities including cars, apparel, TV shows, alcohol, sports teams, etc.

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Lifetime Value

Identify high-value customers based on lifetime value to optimize advertising and ROI.

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Find your most valuable fans

Use our lookalike modeling to hunt down superfans-in-training, even if they aren’t in your database (yet).

Retain and upsell premium ticket holders

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Bring VIPs back year after year

Identify your high-value fans and understand them so your platinum fans come back event after event (and then turn them into all-access, super-platinum fans).

Personalize outreach

Do you know how to talk to your best fans? Arm premium ticket sales reps with first- and third-party data to engage individual prospects.

Turn hidden fans into engaged customers

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Engage fans wherever they are

Drive a personalized fan experience with our audience platform’s Activation campaigns to collect first-party data and excite fans across every channel.

Uncover more about event-goers

Use Activation campaigns and in-venue systems to collect data from fans wherever they’re hanging in your venue–even if they didn’t buy tickets directly from you:


Gate your Wi-Fi to know who’s in your venue and what they’re up to.

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RFID chips & beacons

Collect and connect fan data around your venue using wristbands, and more.

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POS systems

Collect data from food and drink vendors, merch sales, etc.

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Mobile Apps

Track downloads, logins and app engagement to personalize content.

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Ticketing data

Get an in-venue view of your most valuable ticket buyers.

Increase digital sponsorship opportunities

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Beyond static billboards

Leverage engaging data-collection campaigns like contests and trivia as new inventory for current and potential sponsors with our Digital Sponsorship Suite.

Prove value to sponsors

Show your sponsors exactly who’s viewing and engaging with content and campaigns, and how fans’ love of those brands grows and grows.

Discover sponsors and artists fans will love

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Combine siloed sources

Use brand affinity data from your audience platform campaigns to book the artists fans won’t want to miss.

Find the right sponsors

Sign up sponsors that your fans recognize and love, or show sponsors that the audience they want to target is at your events.

Access and act on fan data

circle depicting a full view of a fan including demographics, ticket purchases, opened emails, social activity, and location

Unite data and understand fans

Connect data from any source into our audience platform’s first-party software solution for a 360 view of every fan across every channel.

An actionable view

Fan data is great, but you need to actually use it. Our audience platform’s intuitive user experience lets you quickly move on your most important fan data to sell on the channels where it matters most.

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