Access and Act on Audience Data (Without a Data Warehouse)

Engage fans without overreliance on dev or business intelligence support.
Access and Act on Audience Data (Without a Data Warehouse)

Unsilo the marketing sources you need to take action

Don’t let data remain inaccessible by key parts of the organization. Bring together the fan data you need to form a complete view of your fans including sources such as marketing automation, CRM, email providers, ticketing providers, social platforms, and more.

Collect new first-party data for your database

You don’t have to be content with the data you have. Use Umbel’s Engagements to bring new leads to analyze and target, or add data points to know your current fans better.

Use social authentication to collect brand affinities and demographics straight from the source, or append with third-party Acxiom data within the Umbel platform.

Generate reports and segments in seconds, not days

Data warehouses take months to set up, and a single query can take hours or days. With Umbel, get up and running in two weeks at a fraction of the cost, and then instantly create and compare segments.

Analyze the new audiences from lead-acquisition campaigns and segment previously unknown fans.

Run campaigns, not just queries

Data warehouses are made to support executive decision-making. Umbel goes a step further to take action on your fan insights. Export your most valuable leads back out to your marketing and advertising channels to target fans with high-impact, high-ROI campaigns.


Easy-to-use for non-analysts and non-developers

Give business intelligence experts and your dev team time back in their day. No custom code, complicated spreadsheets, or frustrated hair-pulling required.

All your marketing data is accessible from one place. It’s that easy.

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