Convert Unknown Fans Into Your Best Customers

Increase sales with engagements that help you know your fans
Convert Unknown Fans Into Your Best Customers

Uncover “hidden” fans

Ticket resellers and groups make it tough to know who’s coming to events—and how to keep them coming back. Umbel’s Engagements take the guesswork out of ticket sales and marketing: sweepstakes, trivia, digital scratch-offs, coupons and more bring new leads into your database.

Vital social data at your fingertips

Social authentication gathers rich data about fans, including demographics, likes, and interests. That’s sent directly into our platform along with your sources like marketing automation, CRM, and ticketing data for you to run personalized campaigns.


Increase retention and fan engagement

Use Umbel engagements to build loyalty programs, run contests, leaderboards, scratch-off games and more. Collect more and more data over time to personalize future campaigns that increase season-ticket holder retention and repeat purchases.

Clone your best customers

Add new fans to your database with reach extension campaigns using segments based on the demographics, behaviors, and brand affinities of your biggest spenders.

Better yet, find leads already in your database by using Umbel’s lookalike lead scoring based on every data point you have on your audience.

Drive home the right message at the right time

Develop messaging tuned in to different segments in your audience. Engage fans with subject lines, calls-to-action, and headlines relevant to their unique interests that will sell tickets, merchandise and more.

Export segments for high ROI marketing and advertising campaigns across the channels where your audience leaves its digital footprint including social, email, web, and more.


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