Create the Ultimate Fan Experience

Game Day is no longer just about the game. Fans can now interact with teams and brands in ways you couldn’t have dreamt up twenty years ago. But while digital platforms offer new opportunities, some franchises are doing much more than simply reaching fans on new channels.

In this report from Umbel and SportTechie, you’ll discover:

  • Best practices from pro sports franchises to make the most of data
  • Methods to better understand, analyze, and reach the right fans
  • How franchises maximize relationships with sponsors to increase revenue and improve the experience for fans

Leading organizations leverage digital platforms and fan data to create meaningful relationships with their fans—and drive unprecedented revenue. Featuring expert commentary and examples from forward-thinking teams from the NBA, NHL, NFL and more, SportTechie and Umbel tackle a problem facing teams and brands: with more data available than ever before, how do you make sense of it all? Download the report and identify the most valuable data in impacting your bottom line.

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