Custom Segments

Create The Exact Segment You Want, In Under a Second!


How much time does your marketing or analytics team spend creating segmented lists and finding target audiences for your campaigns? Can you sort through 18,446,744,073,709,600,000 audience profiles in less than one second? That's what Umbel’s Digital Genome® audience analysis technology is doing right now. It works like an infinite pivot table, instantly accessing trait combinations to answer unlimited custom queries in real-time. Watch our video below to see how you can create a custom segments of your audience, in seconds not days, with Umbel:

Creating A custom segment


With Umbel, you can create the exact combination of customer segments that you want in microseconds (via AND, OR, NOT logic statements), faster than the speed of thought! For example, within seconds, you can make a custom segment of males, 25-35 years, from California, with an affinity for Lexus, BMW or Audi. You could go even deeper and combine this segment with those with a HHI above $100,000.  

Taking Action With Custom Segments


Umbel syncs the custom segment data back to your tech stack (ESP, CRM, DMP, Ad Server etc.) so you can run strategic campaigns with a significantly higher conversion rate. In addition to combining the exact segments you want, Umbel lets you dig deeper into the custom segment to get a full profile sheet of those fans. Using these insights, you can take actions like running Reach Extension campaigns to find new look-alike audiences, seamlessly integrate into your CRM, optimize your DMP’s targeting capabilities, and download email addresses to send relevant content via your ESP.

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