Engage Fans and Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Collect data and understand your audience with a 360-degree view.
Engage Fans and Personalize Marketing Campaigns

Incentivize fans to share first-party data

Relying on third-party demographics? With Umbel, you can run engaging contests, leaderboards, scratch-off games and more. You’ll collect data directly from your fans to add new fans to your database and know existing fans better with detailed social data.

Combine data from siloed sources

Don’t let data remain inaccessible by key parts of the organization. Bring together the fan data you need to reach your fans including your marketing automation platform, CRM, email provider, ticketing providers, social platforms, and more.

Find your most valuable audience segments

Group fans by demographics, brand affinities, behaviors and more and find out what your best customers have in common. Create custom segments in seconds based on the following:

  • Demographics: gender, age, marital status, household income, ZIP code, education, children and more

  • Behaviors: past ticket and merchandise purchases, video views, website visits, social media posts and more

  • Brand affinities: fans' top brand affinities for cars, apparel, TV shows, alcohol, soft drinks, sports teams, etc.


Deliver engaging messages to the right fans

One size doesn’t fit all. Develop messaging tuned in to the unique segments in your audience. Engage fans with subject lines, calls-to-action, and headlines relevant to their unique interests.

Export segments for high ROI marketing and advertising campaigns across the channels where your audience leaves its digital footprint including social, email, web, and more.


Clone your best customers

Add new fans to your database with social advertising campaigns using segments based on the demographics, behaviors, and brand affinities of your best customers.

Better yet, find leads already in your database by using Umbel’s lookalike lead scoring.

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