Find New Sponsors to Target

Learn what brands your fans love and use those insights to prove value to sponsors.
Find New Sponsors to Target

1. Show Sponsors What Your Fans Love

Use Umbel to learn your fans' favorite beers, clothing brands, cars, airlines, TV shows etc. Use this data to identify new sponsors to target and prove the value of existing sponsorships.


2. Give Sponsors a 360-Degree Fan View

Umbel connects data across Ticketmaster, your website, mobile apps, food vendors, in-stadium beacons, Wi-Fi routers, and more to offer a complete view of your fans. Use that data to show sponsors they are reaching the right people, with the right messages, on the right channels.

3. Show the Value of Your Audience with Data

Prove audience value to sponsors by collecting detailed fan data. With Umbel you can use over 70 methods to engage fans and collect 25,000+ data points per person. Run contests, gate stadium Wi-Fi and more.

4. Identify High-Value Fan Segments for Sponsors

Group fans by demographics, brand affinities, behaviors and lifetime value so you can help sponsors run targeted and personalized campaigns with higher conversion rates. Use Umbel to create fan segments in seconds based on:


Gender, Age, Marital Status, Household Income, ZIP code, Education, Children & more

Behavioral Data

Past Ticket & Merchandize Purchases, Video Views, Website Visits, Social Media Posts etc.

Brand Affinities

Fans' Top Brand Affinities Including Cars, Apparel, TV Shows, Alcohol, Sports Teams etc.

Lifetime Value

Identify High-Value Customers Based on Lifetime Value to Optimize Advertising & ROI


5. Add Sponsorship Inventory & Enhance In-Stadium Experiences

Before, during and after the game, you can use the real-time data Umbel collects to create new fan experiences. Send personalized offers, coupons, video clips, and more via mobile apps and in-stadium digital screens.  Build fan loyalty and add new fan experiences to your sponsorship inventory.

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