Maximize revenue with powerful audience insights.

Maximize revenue with powerful audience insights.

How It Works

Umbel collects and combines customer data to reveal:

  • What types of customers convert best
  • What your customers like
  • Key demographics such as age, gender, income and more

We use this data to help you acquire, retain, and upsell customers across ad networks and marketing channels.

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Import, Collect & Combine Customer Data

Import any customer data you have then use Umbel to enhance it. Umbel integrates with many tools and data sources to provide a complete view of your target audience.

Combine web behaviors, demographics, ticketing data, interests, brand preferences and more to reveal powerful customer insights. 


Learn Which Customers Convert Best

Quickly discover which types of customers are most likely to buy, engage, or convert using Umbel's customer insights.

Umbel reveals the exact targeting criteria needed to achieve the highest conversion rates on ad networks and marketing campaigns.

Acquire, Retain and Upsell Customers.

After identifying what makes your customers convert Umbel helps you:

  • Target similar audiences to quickly acquire new customers
  • Retain and upsell existing customers
  • Achieve higher conversion rates and lower cost per conversion

See how the Indiana Pacers achieved a 79% conversion rate with Umbel

What Makes Umbel Unique?

Umbel offers many unique features to help you take action with customer data:

Umbel Engagements

Engagements allow you to easily collect customer data via contests, WiFi, login screens and more. Collect up to 25,000 data points per customer with one click.

Custom Segments

Pull all of your sources into Umbel and then segment them for insights and to run hyper-targeted campaigns.

Umbel API

Our powerful API allows you to build the Umbel Platform into the systems standard in your industry. Send customer data from Umbel into your own dashboards and tools.

Audience Reach Extension

Take action with your data. Umbel can execute data driven lookalike campaigns that go beyond the reach of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn’s off-the-shelf targeting.

See Results in Under 2 Weeks

We ensure your business gets value from the platform immediately, with minimal effort from your team. 

Learn how the Florida Panthers boosted conversions in under 7 days  

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