Template - Why NHL Teams Use Umbel

Generate a Complete View of Your Audience

Umbel unifies data from your ticket vendors, merchandise sales, venue/stadium, website and mobile apps to provide a complete view of your fans.

Increase Ticket and Merchandise Sales

Using data insights from Umbel we execute hyper-targeted paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google to grow audience and ROI.

Sell, Keep & Upsell Sponsorships

Show sponsors exactly who your audience is, including the brands they like, their demographics, interests and more.

NHL Success - 1 week. $7200 in tickets. 5.1x ROI

Within 3 days of signing a contract, Umbel was selling tickets for the Florida Panthers.  In the first week, $7200 in tickets were sold with a 5.1x roi.  Within the first month they reached 7.5x cumulative return on ad spend.

How Does it Work? Integrate. Segment. Sell.

Integrate Your Data

Umbel takes the data you have spread across different silos and makes it all accessible from one place.

Ticketing System
Activate Ticketmaster APIs
Leverage LiveAnalytics Data

Web Analytics
Add Umbel SDKs on web properties
Integrate GA or Omniture

Connect Beacons
Import POS
Upload newsletter and email lists
Integrations w/ ESP for campaigns

Mobile Analytics
Add Umbel SDKs on mobile properties

Activate API with loyalty program

Segment Your Customers

Create segments in seconds with our powerful drag and drop interface. Umbel can help you identify which segments are important to NHL teams.

  • Personas - millennials, families, college students, business professionals, etc.
  • Ticket Buyers - opposing team affinities, weekday buyers, upper deck, etc.
  • Promotional - college night, discounted beer / food, outside partner affinities
  • Income or Lifetime Value - Owns home, high income, high life-time value, etc.

Example “Away Team” Segment:

Sell More Tickets

Umbel’s lookalike algorithms find new fans more efficiently than any other platform. Sports teams have seen 5-40x return on ad spend with an average of 7.5x.

Sell Sponsorships

Use the Umbel Index, Brand Affinities, and Advanced Reporting to sell, keep and upsell sponsorships.

  • Quantify your audience insights
  • Identify existing brand affinities
  • Measure brand life
  • Co-sponsor promotions

Go Beyond Your Existing Data - Grow Your Database

If you need more data about your fans, Umbel activators can be deployed for RSVPs, surveys, trivia contests and other engagements.  Not only do they provide engagement and utility to your fans, but you collect data every step of the way!

Get Started

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