Umbel for Nonprofits

Use Umbel to attract & retain constituents, boost donations, improve programs & find strategic corporate sponsors.
Umbel for Nonprofits

1. Connect Your Data to Truly Understand Your Constituents 

Umbel connects your constituent data across systems — everything from email to CRM to donor data and more. Our tool unifies your data, removes duplicates and enhances it with third-party data. Umbel continually syncs this data back to your existing systems so you can optimize fundraising campaigns in real time and improve programs both online and offline.

2. Acquire New Constituents Cost Effectively  

Umbel’s data collection tool called Activators enables you to acquire new constituents in just days. By using social authentication on websites, contests, apps and more, your organization can collect up to 25,000 data points per person. Umbel also enables nonprofit clients (like YMCA) to run optimized social ad campaigns to help build your donor database. By segmenting members based on ZIP code, household income, brand affinities, past donations, online behaviors and more, Umbel’s look-alike algorithm will help you find new donors that look like existing ones. This allows you to serve highly targeted ads and campaigns to these specific segments on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google driving a 15% increase in net new constituents

3. Retain Existing Constituents & Find Strategic Sponsorships 

Umbel's brand affinity data can also create highly customized programming for existing constituents, in addition to finding strategic sponsorships. You can query your data based on demographics, brand affinities, donor activity, volunteer behavior and lifetime value to run targeted and personalized campaigns yielding higher conversion rates and increased ROI. Umbel can help you create custom segments in just seconds based on:


Gender, Age, Marital Status, Household Income, ZIP Code, Education, Children & More

Behavioral Data

Past Engagment History, Video Views, Website Visits, Social Media posts & More

Brand Affinities

Constituents Top Brand Affinities Including Organizations, Apparel, TV Shows, Sports Teams & More

         Lifetime Value

Identify High-Value constituents based on Lifetime Value to optimize giving and donation drives

4. Empower Your Organization To Access Deep Data Insights

Nonprofits must allocate their dollars wisely. Umbel empowers organizations to get deep data insight without having to hire a data scientist or rely on IT. Even non-technical teams can run complex queries uncovering rich insights into contituent data, sponsorship opportunities and enhanced programming.