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Umbel for Sports

If you want to engage fans, sell more tickets, find new sponsors or create personalized in-stadium experiences, the first step is to truly know your fans. Umbel collects and connects all your data from multiple online and offline sources, so you can better target fans with the right messages and drive ROI — even during the off-season.
Umbel for Sports

1. Unite Your Data for a 360-Degree Fan View

Umbel connects your data across all systems — online and offline — cleans it, eliminates duplicates and enhances it with third-party data. Securely connect data from Ticketmaster, e-commerce sites, mobile apps, food vendors, in-stadium beacons, Wi-Fi routers etc., and give all your teams easy access. Umbel continually syncs this data back to your existing systems so you can reach the right people, with the right messages, on the right channels, in real time. It's like having a data warehouse for a fraction of the cost.

2. Grow Your Fan Base & Marketing Reach

Umbel’s engagement campaigns enable you to securely engage fans and collect first-party data in minutes, even without technical expertise. Leverage social authentication anywhere your fans are, to collect up to 25,000 data points per person. Choose from over 70 engagements including contests, meme generators, quizzes, leaderboards and check-in/scanning tools. Engage fans across web, mobile, social, email, broadcast and more.

3. Identify High-Value Customer Segments

Once you've unified your data from disparate sources you can access it all in one place, allowing you to find valuable insights and opportunities. Even non-technical teams can run complex queries, gain actionable insights and view trends. You can query your data based on demographics, brand affinities, behaviors and lifetime value to run targeted and personalized campaigns with a higher conversion rate and ROI. Umbel can help you create customer segments in just seconds based on the following:


Gender, Age, Marital Status, Household Income, ZIP code, Education, Children & more

Behavioral Data

Past Ticket & Merchandize Purchases, Video Views, Website Visits, Social Media Posts etc.

Brand Affinities

Fans' Top Brand Affinities Including Cars, Apparel, TV Shows, Alcohol, Sports Teams etc.

Lifetime Value

Identify High-Value Customers Based on Lifetime Value to Optimize Advertising & ROI


4. Sell More Tickets  

Umbel enables teams like the Indiana Pacers and Florida Panthers to understand and segment customers based on ZIP code, household income, brand affinities, past purchases, online behaviors and more. Umbel’s look-alike algorithms help teams find new fans that look like existing ones better than any platform. Targeted ads and offers served to this audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. can drive 5x - 40x ROI. Umbel's seamless, easy implementation helps teams start selling more tickets in just days.

5. Enhance In-Stadium Experiences 

Sports teams are in a race to create more personalized experiences for fans — both inside and outside venues. Umbel helps teams collect in-venue data via Wi-Fi routers, beacons, RFID chips, POS systems (food, beverage, merchandise sales) and mobile apps, and combines it with existing data for a complete fan view. During games, teams can use this real-time data to send personalized offers, coupons, video clips, player statistics, venue maps and more via mobile apps and in-stadium digital screens. Personalize and enhance experiences inside your stadium to build loyalty and keep fans coming back.

6. Sell & Renew Sponsorships

Sports teams can sell new sponsorships and upsell existing sponsors using deep fan data. Use Umbel to learn about your fans' favorite beers, clothing brands, cars, airlines, TV shows, etc. to tell a compelling story during the sales process. Give existing sponsors data about the fans who are engaging with their brand, and create valuable new digital inventory to sell to sponsors. Learn more about Umbel for Sponsorships. 

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