Getting Started

Umbel for Sports

If you want to engage fans, sell more tickets, find new sponsors or create personalized in-stadium experiences, the first step is to truly know your fans. Umbel collects and connects all your data from multiple online and offline sources, so you can better target fans with the right messages and drive ROI — even during the off-season.
Umbel for Sports

Q: What is Umbel?

A: Umbel connects your fan data across all systems — online and offline — cleans it, eliminates duplicates and enhances it with third-party data. You can securely connect data from Ticketmaster, e-commerce sites, mobile apps, food vendors, in-stadium beacons, Wi-Fi routers, etc. into the Umbel platform so you can create a 360° view of your fans. Umbel continually syncs this data back to your existing systems so you can reach the right people, with the right messages, on the right channels, in real time.

Q: We don't really have a ticket problem right now. We sell out nearly all of our sporting events. So how would Umbel be useful to us?

A: Umbel goes beyond just selling tickets. Umbel helps teams enhance the in-stadium experiences by collecting customer data via Wi-Fi routers, beacons, RFID chips, POS systems (food, beverage, merchandise sales) and mobile apps. This data can be combined with existing data for a complete fan view. We can also help teams find the right sponsors and upsell existing sponsors based on deep fan data.

Q: How is that possible?

A: During games, teams can use real-time data to send personalized offers, coupons, video clips, player statistics, venue maps, seat upgrades and more via mobile apps and in-stadium digital screens. For sponsorships, Umbel's brand affinity data helps teams prove that the audience sponsors are trying to target is in fact the audience in their stadium seats. Teams can also show sponsors and advertisers exactly who's viewing their content online and using their mobile apps. On the flip side, teams can use data to find their fans' favorite beers, clothing brands, cars, airlines, TV shows, etc. and sign sponsors that fans already recognize and love.

Q: When is a good time to start — during season or off-season?

A: The best time to start is today. During off-season you have more time to plan and you are likely to get approval during the traditional budget cycle. However, during season you can start capturing fan data immediately and optimize your marketing spend. It take about 4 weeks to get your campaigns up and running, so the sooner you can get started, the better.

Q: How are you different than a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool?

A: A CRM is still really useful when you’re managing direct relationships, but when you scale to managing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of relationships, the ability to communicate 1:1 breaks down. With Umbel, you can get a much more complete fan view by having all of your data in one place, including your CRM data.

Q: Are your ticket sales net new people?

A: It really depends on who you are trying to target. You can segment customers based on ZIP code, household income, brand affinities, past purchases, online behaviors and more. Based on this information, you can run targeted ads or offer discounts to both new and existing customers. For example, if you know 20% of your fans like your team AND like Sally’s Car Wash AND like Pearl Jam on Facebook and have yet to buy tickets, we can help you run Lookalike campaigns based on this unique brand affinity, targeting fans that are most likely to convert. We can also help you identify high value fans by segmenting the audience that is most likely to purchase season tickets or buy lower level tickets based on a combination of transactional data, ESP data and other influences. Because of these insights into who is most likely to purchase, the Indiana Pacers and the Florida Panthers (our clients) have been able to see approximately 5x - 40x ROI on their ad spend. The data that you extract from Umbel allows you to better understand the full range of your audiences — your untapped fans to your most loyal fans.

Q: What makes Umbel unique for sports companies?

A: Umbel’s easy-to-use platform allows anyone at your organization to access fan data and get a clear 360 view of your fans. This helps your team make smarter decisions by having deeper insights which allows you to optimize your marketing spend. With Umbel’s platform you can grow your fan base and market reach, sell more tickets, sell and renew sponsorships and create better in-venue experiences.

Q: Where do you sell tickets?

A: While we don’t actually sell any tickets directly through our product, our Services team helps you fill empty seats by running email, advertising and social media campaigns driving people back to your ticketing platform.

Q: Can you connect with Ticketmaster and other data sources?

A: Yes, we are a Certified Ticketmaster Partner. We unify data across multiple ticket vendors, merchandise POS, in-venue Wi-Fi, social and mobile/web behaviors so you can get a complete customer view. Our current partners include Ticketmaster, Eloqua, Fanatics, iBeacons, CRMs and more.

Q: What is your cost structure?

A: We are a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based company and have various levels to fit your organization's needs. We offer a yearly subscription service with pricing based on the number of profiles and appends.