Umbel's Big Data & Analytics Workshop at XLive 2016

Umbel + XLive 2016

From where they live to what their favorite albums are, access to data about our audiences can make or break the success of a live event. The most challenging aspect of analyzing customer data and making that data actionable is understanding what data matters.

That’s why we’re hosting XLIVE’s Data & Analytics Workshop on December 5th to explain how to collect the right data about  your fans, and how to turn that data into dollars, whether it be from ticket sales or sponsorships.
Event Details

What: Umbel's Big Data & Analytics Workshop at XLive
Where: The Tropicana Hotel — Las Vegas, Nevada
When: Registration opens at 8:00am
Cost:  An XLive badge plus the workshop upgrade ($49)

The Value of Data – Why do we need this stuff and when does it pay off?

Monday, December 5: 9:00-9:35 AM 

Speaker: Kevin Safford

From CRM to social, data can be found in every area of your organization. The only thing more overwhelming than determining the value of all this data surrounding us is figuring out how to make data actionable in our daily marketing and business development strategies. Umbel’s Lead Data Scientist will uncover the most important metrics that can help you better understand and monetize your target audiences.

Big Data — Everyone is talking about it but what are companies doing with it?

Monday, December 5: 9:35-10:15 AM

Speakers: Natasha Morgan, VP Marketing - Umbel | Drew Burchfield — Aloompa | David Patera — Front Gate Tickets

Everyone is buzzing about big data, but how are entertainment companies acting on it – and what benefits are they seeing as a result? This session will show you real-world examples of how some of the most innovative festivals are using data to sell out shows, venues and more.

Sideline to Stage — What event organizers can learn from the sports industry's data and analytics revolution

Monday, December 5: 10:45-11:45am

Speakers: Dave Cedrone — Umbel | Derek Throneburg — Pacers Sports & Entertainment

Moneyball or the use of analytics to help improve the performance of a team on the field has changed the way front offices in the sports industry operate, but data collection on fans is playing an equally significant role in how teams engage with their fan bases off the field. From ticket sales campaigns to in-stadium beacons/wireless networks, our panel of sports industry executives will offer strategies for utilizing data to monetize fans and explain how live event producers can integrate analytics best practices into their own organizations.

Fanalytics — Data-driven lineup creation and ticket sales strategies that will monetize your fans

Monday, December 5: 11:45am-12:30pm 

Speakers: Dave Cedrone — Umbel | Greg Patterson — Eventbrite | Jeff Goodman — Greencopper | Nate Lew — OpenFan

Ticketing companies and streaming services are collecting a goldmine of data on the listening preferences of their users that event organizers can utilize to create artist lineups and implement innovative ticket sales strategies based on their target demographics. We’ll bring together leading event marketers to demonstrate how event organizers are benefiting from a data-driven approach to lineup curation and advertising campaigns through collaboration with leaders in the ticket sales and music streaming communities.

The Music Molecule — Booth #45

Monday, December 5-7: Exhibition Hall Hours

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