Umbel for the YMCA

Umbel helps YMCAs use data to drive memberships, increase donations and improve programs.
Umbel for the YMCA

1. Know the Members Behind the Numbers

YMCAs are our business. We know that data can be a challenge. Information is scattered across different systems – CRM, donor data, mobile apps, social and more. Umbel brings all that data together in one easy-to-use, beautiful interface so you get the complete picture of your members and community.

2. Acquire New Members in Days

Create a clear picture of your existing members – from their demographics to brand preferences – to help find and attract new members with a similar profile. Umbel’s data collection tool called Activators enables you to collect up to 25,000 data points per person. You can use these insights to run highly optimized marketing campaigns to acquire new donors and members.

3. Improve Programs & Expand Community Impact 

Do you have the classes and programs your members want? When you know members’ preferences and behaviors, you can identify and add that missing barre class, child-care option or seniors’ workshop that will keep them coming back and help you understand critical social issues. For example, Umbel allows you to segment data by general categories, like donors, to specific census data categories, such as Childhood Obesity Areas, Diabetes Risk Areas or Workforce Earnings <$40k. Umbel can help you create custom segments in just seconds based on:


Gender, Age, Marital Status, Household Income, ZIP Code, Education, Children & More

Behavioral Data

Past Engagement History, Video Views, Website Visits, Social Media posts & More

Brand Affinities

Constituents Top Brand Affinities Including Organizations, Apparel, TV Shows, Sports Teams & More

Lifetime Value

Identify High-Value constituents based on Lifetime Value to optimize giving and donation drives

4. Find the Next Generation of Donors & Strategic Sponsors

Who are your most loyal donors and what other causes do they care about? Are you engaging younger donors in the right way? Use data to identify new donors and secure the future of your YMCA. You can also use data to understand what brands your community has an affinity for and create strategic sponsorships.

5. Learn More

Download more information about how Umbel can work with your YMCA or read more about how the YMCA of Austin worked with Umbel to:

  • Hit and exceed new membership goals

  • Grow donations from new and existing donors

  • Improve programming based on member preferences

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How the YMCA Uses Data to Drive Memberships, Improve Programs & Increase Donations