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Disconnecting from Publishers

Umbel does not collect and sell consumer data. Umbel is a tool to help publishers understand the audience data that they already have access to. If you do not want to be a part of any audience analysis, we recommend that you cancel your account directly with the publisher’s website as well as disconnect from publishers through your personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other systems you may have used to give publishers permission to connect with you and access your data. Most publishers and ad networks also use cookies to follow your online behaviors. You may delete all your cookies on all of your browsers to avoid such tracking. You have complete control over who you give access to at all times and we encourage you to only connect, visit and provide login information to websites that you trust.

While we do not have any ownership of the data we help publishers understand, we take personal privacy and personally identifiable information (PII) extremely seriously. We believe publishers have a responsibility to use the data they collect to improve user experiences and build a better business based on actual audience data granted through a trusted relationship, not from inferred or sneakily-derived data.

We continuously monitor and participate in self-regulating initiatives, government policies, and social network terms of service in order to inform our clients of the best and most prudent way to responsibly leverage the data that their audience has entrusted them with. We advocate for complete consumer respect and offer best practices and consultation for our clients at all times.

We say “Audience is everything,” because we mean it. All content, all advertising and the entire media ecosystem is powered by and for audiences. We believe when publishers respect audiences and audiences can trust publishers, everyone wins.