Umbel Introduces Intelligent Data Collection at Online Point of Purchase

Austin, TX – Umbel today announced its new Activator payment data integration to accelerate intelligent collection and drive new value from first-party data.

Available today, the newest Umbel Activator feature integrates online payment processing into Umbel’s existing data collection tools to allow companies to capture customer information at the point of purchase – using a self-serve, intuitive tool that is designed from the ground up for non-technical users. All purchase data is instantly tagged and integrated with existing data assets on the Umbel platform to provide new insights to drive a superior customer experience and increase customer lifetime value.

How It Works

Through Umbel Activators, companies can now use state-of-the-art technology to sell tickets, collect payment and deliver email confirmation – all via a responsive app that can be easily customized to the look and feel of any brand. Umbel’s intuitive online wizard allows marketers to easily configure payment fields, add branded creative assets, publish to any device, and track results – within minutes and with no additional IT, design or data resources.

Once live, the Point of Purchase data integration provides the most convenient and streamlined transactional integration available online with the transparency and ease of use demanded by consumers today. Users simply log in through LinkedIn, Facebook or other networks to initiate the purchase process and approve data sharing. All payments are processed through third-party payment processing companies like Stripe, known for its security and ease of use.

All payment data collected through an Activator flows to the secure Umbel platform where it is tagged and unified with existing customer data and then analyzed by Umbel’s patent-pending Digital Genome technology to deliver highly visual insights into customer segments, preferences and behaviors. The enhanced data set can be used to drive and track ad buys, marketing campaigns and sponsorship sales, as well as to trigger event reminders and other communications to provide an optimal customer experience from purchase through event completion – and build long-term customer lifetime value.

Umbel Activators

The new Activator is the latest in Umbel’s continued innovation to empower brands with new ways to unlock the enormous potential of first-party data while respecting user rights and transparency. Existing Activators include self-serve apps, data collection tools for contests, newsletter sign-ups, event RSVPs, recommendation engines and social sharing. Point of purchase data collection is now available to all Activators. For example, a venue can use an Activator to charge patrons for Wi-Fi access.

Activator client use cases and results include converting 2.5M Facebook fans into qualified leads, managing RSVPs for events, and launching a new B2B network for premium members. Additional Umbel Success Stories are available here.

Comments on the News

  • “Umbel is chartered around two goals: making data more valuable and collecting it in an ethical, intelligent manner. To that end, we help the most respected brands collect their most important customer data at their most critical customer touchpoints. One of these is clearly at purchase, so we’re very excited about this new functionality in our Activators.” – H.O. Maycotte, CEO and Founder, Umbel
  • “We designed Activators to lower the technical barriers to converting an anonymous audience into registered users and to shorten the time it takes to gather meaningful information. Now, with the new transactional data, we’re continuing to advance data collection by providing clients with a simple, easy way to incorporate point of purchase data through a streamlined experience that both enhances data capture and supports consumer needs and goals.” – Troy Lanier, Director of Product Management, Umbel

About Umbel

Umbel empowers companies to convert massive amounts of audience data into addressable, actionable and authentic customer relationships. By unifying data across platforms and organizational silos, Umbel delivers a powerful interface for visualizing and taking action on data. Marketing, sales and account teams leverage Umbel’s patent-pending Digital Genome® analysis to prove audience value, acquire high-value segments and maximize revenue. Umbel’s mission is to make data the most valuable asset you own. Founded in 2010, Umbel is headquartered in Austin, Texas.