Umbel Partners with Janrain to Provide Secure, Actionable Social Analytics

Austin, Texas – Umbel, the standard for people-based audience measurement, today announced an innovative new partnership with Janrain, the leading provider of user management solutions on the Web. A deep technical integration, via Backplane instantly adds Umbel’s real-time audience insights to Janrain’s User Management Platform, providing actionable intelligence from rich social data, in real-time.

The combination of Umbel and Janrain provides the easiest way for companies to enable user registration through social login while securely capturing valuable social data insights. This partnership provides a much deeper understanding of the social audience for joint clients, properly valuing audience and improving customer engagement.

Umbel’s proprietary technology leverages social login to access, analyze and cross-correlate audience insights including interests, brand affinities, and owned-media behaviors. With Umbel, companies can apply rich audience demographics to uncloak hidden connections inside their audience. Customers can drill down to compare specific, action-based audience segments to identify, understand and engage to the greatest possible effect.

The integration and partnership provides a simplified, minimally-invasive way for companies to handle large data securely. When working with massive amounts of personal data, businesses have a responsibility to follow ever-changing terms of service, adhere to proper protocols and ensure that everything is handled as sensitively and securely as possible. Janrain + Umbel offers companies with the best tools and peace of mind to protect and leverage business data.

“There is a beautiful harmony between the Janrain and Umbel products that creates a huge amount of new value to our customers,” said Higinio “H.O.” Maycotte, founder and CEO of Umbel. “Janrain provides the simplest, yet most robust, solution for social login and user management for businesses, and Umbel provides deeper insights for those customers, deriving latent value from large amounts of aggregated data. This partnership delivers refined, actionable insights across web, mobile, local, and global audiences that can immediately help companies better understand, grow and engage their audience.”

Umbel is a Premier partner in the Janrain Fusion partner program, joining an already rich ecosystem of partners focused on delivering best-of-breed integrated solutions to customers which gives them the ability to realize higher ROI on their web, social, and marketing initiatives.

“Umbel is an ideal partner for our User Management platform,” said Larry Drebes, founder and CEO of Janrain. “Many companies are gathering valuable analytics and data on their engaged audiences, but often wonder — what is the next step to making that data more actionable? What do I actually do with all this data? The combination of Janrain and Umbel will help our joint customers answer those questions.”

Read more about the partnership on Umbel’s blog.

About Janrain

The Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) helps organizations succeed on the social web by providing leading technology to leverage the popularity of social networks and identities for user acquisition, engagement, and enhanced customer intelligence. Our solutions, including social login, social sharing, social profile data collection and storage, access to the social graph, and digital strategy services, improve the effectiveness of online marketing initiatives for leading brands like FOX, Universal Music Group, Whole Foods, Purina, Samsung and Dr. Pepper. Founded in 2005, Janrain is based in Portland, Oregon.
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