Own Your First-Party Data

Engage fans. Sell tickets. Attract sponsors.


Unmask unknown fans with engaging data collection campaigns.

Acquisition campaigns on any channel

Voting promotions, user-generated campaigns, unlock codes, trivia, and more help you know fans before, during, and after events.

Customize, personalize, and launch your campaigns yourself or let our experts do the heavy lifting.

Go deeper than name and email

With social authentication, gather demographics and interests, including specific brand affinities, to fuel personalized campaigns.

Digital Sponsorship Suite

Activate fans and add digital sponsorship opportunities on your website, mobile apps, social, in-venue, and more.


Unify all your audience data and tee yourself up to drive revenue.

Unsilo fan data sources

Combine your new fan profiles with your CRM, ESP, ticketing provider and more, and send deeper profiles back into your sources.

Fill gaps in your data

Holes in your fan profiles? No problem—use first-, second-, and third-party data to add missing demographic information like household income, marital status, and more.

Clean up dirty data

Leverage our services team and get rid of duplicate profiles, invalid information, and inaccurate contact records getting in the way of higher revenue.


Segment different groups in your audience to learn what makes them unique—and how to target them best.

Identify the perfect customer

Build audience segments based on any point of data including demographics and interests—without old-school survey vendors.

Gather insights around ticket-buying history, customer lifetime value, and more for hyper-targeted campaigns.

Turn data into qualified leads

Use our lookalike scoring to find leads in your database who fit the profile of your ideal customers. When they become customers, do it all over again.

Prove value to sponsors

Show what percentage of your fans love a specific company or brand and use that data to pitch new sponsors or renew current ones.


Convert fans to customers with the right message at the right time on the right channel.

Run smarter multi-channel campaigns

Use your ideal segments to target the right audiences on paid ad networks like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter.

Monitor campaigns in real-time

Analyze how campaigns are performing whether your goal is ticket sales, app installs, user engagement, purchases, etc.

Drive ROI with a complete data loop

Send segments back into your other tools and platforms to quickly run targeted campaigns across channels like email, web, and social.

Our audience platform in action

Just a few things you’ll want to try when you get your hands on our product.
Screenshot from a basic engagement with social authentication created from within the Umbel platform

Captivate fans and collect data

Convert unknown fans and add sponsorship inventory with data collection campaigns including trivia, Wi-Fi logins, sweepstakes, and more.

Integrate your tech stack

Tear down data silos and combine audience lists by integrating your favorite marketing tools.

Segment your audience and compare

Break your fan base down by their unique characteristics and compare specific audiences side-by-side.

Run hyper-targeted campaigns

Achieve any goal with campaigns tailor-made for your unique segments—make them yourself or let us do the heavy lifting.

Our Services

Let our data scientists and engineers, client partners, media planners, and creative consultants help you make the most of our product or do the heavy lifting in acquiring, analyzing, accessing, and acting on data.

Custom campaigns
Quick deployment
Data management and analysis

Protecting customer data

When you’re collecting sensitive data about your fans, you need to protect it every step of the way. Learn how we protect your customer data.

Which fans do you want to reach?