Reach Extension

Acquire Look-Alike Audiences to Drive Conversions & ROI 

Is your company collecting first-party data? Do you have the know-how and the resources to leverage that data to run ads and grow your audience and business? With Umbel you can easily do both. Umbel’s Reach Extension tool mines the 16M+ data points we can collect on a per-user basis to find like-audiences based on specific data and behaviors. You can unlock social, professional, and search data, and tie those in with behaviors people take on sites and mobile apps. With Umbel you can use valuable first-party data to run hyper-targeted paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google to grow your audience and ROI.

Maximize value and conversions inside the leading social and ad networks using our patent-pending Digital Genome® audience-analysis technology, while still respecting and protecting data rights for all parties.

Our sophisticated look-alike algorithms help power recommendations so Umbel users can execute precise, data-driven campaigns that go beyond the reach of off-the-shelf targeting. Umbel’s algorithm-based ad campaigns are automated to optimize targeting, bids, etc. in real-time allowing users to easily scale campaigns. 

How Reach Extension Campaigns Help You

Umbel creates a model of your most desirable customers using your existing audience data, helps you identify obscure affinity adjacencies, and targets audience segments more precisely to deliver greater conversions at scale. All campaigns are run algorithmically based on real data from real people. Umbel's data platform acts as an infinite keyword expansion tool, ensuring qualified reach across all networks.

Here are the top reasons our clients use Reach Extension:

  • Ethically collect first-party data to really understand your audience, their affinities and behaviors. 
  • Unlock and leverage data across your organization for better media buys
  • Automate your media planning, buying, scaling, and reporting
  • Use existing customer data to create profiles of your “most-likely-to-buy” audience
  • Market to your current audience in order to maximize lifetime value 
  • Grow your audience by identifying and targeting look-alikes to find new fans
  • Split test creative across targeting types, geographic markets, and retargeting lists
  • Adjust and optimize the ad targeting based on your audience and their actions
  • Drive ticket sales, app installs, user engagement, site traffic, purchases and more
  • More cost-effective way to increase brand lift, user engagement and online purchases

Sample Reach Extension Ads 

Track Your Campaigns In Real-Time

Umbel offers Live Dashboard for campaigns so you can view their progress and optimize them better. Track campaigns in real-time or over longer periods like daily, weekly or monthly, and optimize them easily. Download reports by exporting a CSV file to perform external analysis of the campaign data.

Last update: Sept. 22, 2014, 9:46 p.m.