Supercharge Ticketmaster Data

Easily use Umbel’s Ticketmaster integration to drive high performing ticketing campaigns.

Ticketmaster data made actionable in Umbel

Ticketing data is some of the best data you have on your fans. By putting your ticketing data into the Umbel platform, you can layer in fans’ demographics, brand preferences and other data points to discover key fan segments to target with high performing ticketing campaigns.

What will Umbel do?

  1. Import historical ticketing data and sync fresh ticketing data each day
  2. Enrich fan profiles with demographic data (income, education, etc.)
  3. Immediately organize the data and make it actionable

What gets sent from Ticketmaster to Umbel?

Out of the box, Umbel’s Ticketmaster integration lets you group fan profiles by event name, ticket type, number of tickets purchased, seat, section, and more. Umbel then enriches those profiles with demographic data points like income and education level. Many teams also use Umbel’s activations to engage fans and instantly gain valuable insight into their interests and preferences.

Take action.

With Umbel you can take action in minutes. Quickly find a group of fans that make over $100,000 a year, have already purchased 3 tickets this year, and love your local brewery. Then send those fans targeted offers for highly effective ticketing campaigns.

Get results.

Professional teams, universities and entertainment venues all use Umbel to generate 4-8x higher returns on their ticketing campaigns. Interested? Simply request a demo and we’ll be in touch. We’ll review your specific goals, and walk through examples of how we’ve helped organizations just like yours.

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