Great Data Demands Really,
Really Great Security

First-party data is a big deal because it’s your fan data: that means richer insights, analysis and segmentation. It also means a lot of responsibility and we take that to heart for every single customer.

Privacy Shield Program Certified

How our enterprise-level security works

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Encryption and privacy

We follow best practices and regulations in protecting customer data, including preparing for GDPR in 2018. We also encrypt everywhere: at motion, at rest and in stored backups.

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Network monitoring

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and 24/7/365 log monitoring and alerting provide continuous visibility and early incident detection.

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Internal and third-party assessments & testing

Regular penetration testing of the network and app, and third-party focused vulnerability assessment against OWASP top 10 software threats.

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Authentication/ authorization

Strong password management practices. We implement need-to-know and least privilege in granular management of permissions and access right.

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Disaster recovery

We host data across best-in-class data centers for fault-tolerance and fallover. Backups provide for 99.999999999% durability. Hosted data is guaranteed at 99.9% uptime. That’s a lot of nines.


We guarantee 99.5% uptime (minimum) in our product. Our agile methodology results in infrequent maintenance windows.

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Live Uptime Stats

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