Lead Scoring

Find the best leads (already in your database).

Find the needle in your data haystack

What if we told you that you have highly qualified leads sitting in your database that are probably being overlooked? If you have a good amount of data already, you likely have qualified leads sitting idle in your database and don’t even realize it.

Turn data into qualified leads

The data you have can come from people who have subscribed to a newsletter, attended an event or logged into in-venue wifi. These people have already shown interest in your brand, so why not spend time converting them into customers or donors instead of filling your database with unqualified leads.

How does it work?

Umbel’s lookalike lead scoring finds and ranks new, qualified leads already in your database. That means you can target people more efficiently to drive higher ROI.

Data is the gift that keeps giving.

As you grow your overall database with rich fan profiles, you unlock the ability to run additional lookalike reports to identify new opportunities. Acquire more profiles and receive lookalike reports more frequently to exceed revenue targets.

Flowchart depicting more and more data leading to more and more ticket sales and other conversions.

Which fans do you want to reach?