6 Steps to Becoming a Sports Data Innovator

Featuring the Pacers, Suns, and Panthers

If being a data innovator at your organization is on your agenda, watch our webinar, Doing Data Like a Boss: 6 Steps to Becoming a Data Innovator.

Join Christopher Kaiser, Senior Manager, Brand Activation for the Phoenix Suns, Rich Meharey, Marketing Manager for the Florida Panthers and Jeff Tzucker, Director of Digital Marketing for the Indiana Pacers to learn how they became the data innovators at their companies.

Watch a lively Q&A to learn how these experts were able to:

  • Define the metrics that mattered most
  • Choose a channel and understand what was driving strategy
  • Define gaps, look for benchmarks and pilot some experiments
  • Quantify the results and share their learnings
  • Start looking to incorporate other channels
  • Use fan data to make the whole organization smarter

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