How the Pacers Use Data to Sell More Tickets

The smartest sports teams today use customer data to drive awareness, reach new fans, and sell more tickets. That could be you in just four weeks.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of sports professionals and we usually hear the following common problems:

  • We have a decent amount of customer data, but don’t know how to turn it into ticket sales.
  • It’s difficult to know who’s in our seats. We don’t have a clear picture of our demographics and what brands they like best.
  • We need better brand alignment with our sponsors.
  • We have very loyal fans, but that number is dwindling. How can we create better loyalty programs so our fans come back for more?

Do these sound familiar? Let this season be your best season yet.

Watch our webinar, How The Pacers Use Data to Sell More Tickets where Jeff Tzucker, Director of Digital Marketing at Pacers Sports & Entertainment joined Nick Goggans of Umbel, to offer a detailed strategy on how you can use customer data to drive awareness and sell more tickets.  

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