From Maybe to Member: Denver Museum of Nature and Science

As an organization that has one of the largest membership programs in the country, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science has been able to use data to better understand who their members are, what programs they like and most importantly, how to convert visitors into members.

From ‘Maybe’ to Member: Top Data Strategies to Convert Members features Ashley Alexander, Director of Memberships of Denver Museum of Nature and Science, will share how to:

  • Get a clear picture of member demographics – everything from age to what type of programs they value
  • Grow their member base and expand their marketing reach
  • Segment their constituents in order to find the best possible programs for their museum
  • Identify loyal visitors and help them move to higher levels of commitment
  • Use data to get new and returning visitors to commit to memberships
  • Collect in-venue data via their customized mobile application

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