GDPR: Prepare for the New Marketing & Data Regulation

5 Steps Teams Must Take Before 2018

GDPR might not go into effect until May 2018, but you’ll need to be ready long before then. Any data collected or stored without complying with the General Data Protection Regulation, anyone you email without having them explicitly opt in, and potentially any cookies you use may result in a fine equal to four percent of your company’s global annual turnover.

Watch Umbel and iSportconnect’s recorded webinar with Phil James (Partner at Sheridans law firm), Fiona Green (Director and Co-Founder of Winners FDD), and Decima Kunz (Director of Product Management at Umbel), where you’ll learn:

  • The ramifications and penalties sports teams, venues, and others will face if they violate GDPR
  • Common misconceptions around the new regulation
  • How experts in IT and marketing are preparing
  • 5 steps to take before GDPR hits in 2018

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