Thus far, what we know about big data is that collecting it is vital. We know that within our data, there are unknown adjacencies that can help our marketing and advertising departments churn more ROI. We know, too, that within our data, there are unknown patterns that can help our sales and client services departments close more deals and provide better customer service experiences. Our only problem with big data as it currently stands, then, is that data literacy is low and real-time actionability is needed.

By applying learning from how businesses collect and ultimately use data, big data platforms and technology are combining both the need for data democratization – or company-wide data literacy – with other necessities, including data actionability, security and collection transparency.

The 15 examples in this white paper highlight the best of real-time, interactive big data visualizations. Here’s to hoping they give you and your team the inspiration needed to encourage cross-company data literacy and profitability. 

Download the white paper here.