A lack of technical knowledge more traditionally prescribed to the chief technologist or CIO. In today’s digital landscape, brands, agencies and enterprises are looking for ways to unify customer data across all departmental silos and individual touchpoints. is plaguing marketing departments and seriously halting the implementation of data technologies that increase ROI and deliver premium customer service. The one major hurdle, especially during Q4, when workloads are full and vacations are plentiful, is the lack of employee resources to invest in a data solution. Tagging aspects of a digital property to collect data, funneling that data into a warehouse, putting action to that data and abiding by all ethical standards in doing such is a big request for tech teams – and marketers often do not have the resources to execute on such projects. 

Making this problem even more frustrating is the fact that the holidays are the ideal time to collect hoards of customer data and then use that data to plan out marketing strategies for all of 2015 and beyond. After all, traffic peaks on sites during this time of year, with more customers than ever sharing affinity and behavioral data to brands and agencies they trust. In exchange, customers are looking for more personalized outreach from those companies, ideally lasting throughout the term of their relationship.

In this white paper, we'll cover the 6 highest priority needs for digital marketers in order to create and execute on a data-driven marketing strategy in 2015. 

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