Using Data to Connect to the Cause

What if data could help your nonprofit do even more? What if you could not just find donors and sponsors, but keep them? What if you could precisely pinpoint what services your clients and community need most urgently, and then design your programs to match?

In this paper, we’ll talk about how to take a more data-driven approach to nonprofit work, so you can move from building campaigns to building relationships, and from simply promoting your programs to reimagining them. And then you can put big data to work again – this time to showcase the increased impact and value of your work to the people and businesses who make it possible. These outcomes are not only possible, but within your reach.

In this white paper, we will discuss:

  • Different types of constituent data and how it can be leveraged to increase donations, secure strategic sponsorships and improve programs
  • How you can take meaningful action once you've unified your data from multiple sources
  • Real-life examples of data-driven successes achieved by one of the most well-known nonprofits in the country

Download the White Paper Here