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Sell more
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Convert unknown fans
to known customers
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Drive sponsorship
Ashley Kahler
Ashley Kahler
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Sr Director, Partnership Marketing & Brand Strategy

“We activated a digital platform for JetBlue that hit their key objectives and utilized these engagements to build our internal database with new customer records.”

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Chris Kaiser
Phoenix Suns
Director Of Marketing & Brand Strategy

“We’re collecting useful fan data, getting quality leads and selling tickets. We love it.

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Jeff Tzucker of the Indiana Pacers
Jeff Tzucker
Indiana Pacers
Director of Digital Marketing

Umbel has given us unprecedented insights into our fans. When anyone mentions ‘Umbel’ around the office, everyone listens.”

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Sell out arenas, stadiums and venues

Target the right fans with high-ROI campaigns

How high? Try up to 40x ROI for ticket ads and offers. Understand and segment your database by almost any factor.
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Gender, age, marital status, household income, ZIP code, education, children, and more

behavior affinity

Behavior Data

Past ticket and merchandise purchases, video views, website visits, social media posts, etc.

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Brand Affinities

Fans’ top brand affinities including cars, apparel, TV shows, alcohol, sports teams, etc.


Lifetime Value

Identify high-value customers based on lifetime value to optimize advertising and ROI.

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Leverage your best customers

Use lookalike models to search out your next screaming superfan based on what your highest-value customers look like.

Renew and upsell season ticket holders

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Identify your best leads

Understand the behaviors of your most valuable fans so you’re not sweating before every game—and so you have next season on lockdown.

Personalize outreach

Nobody likes a scripted sales call. Arm premium and season ticket sales reps with first- and third-party data to engage individual prospects.

Convert unknown fans
into engaged customers

Engage in and out of the venue

Personalize and enhance the fan experience with Activation campaigns to excite fans and collect first-party data in minutes.

Choose from numerous engagement options to get fans out of your dreams and into the stands.

Know who’s at your games

Use our Activations and collect in-stadium data to uncover more about game-goers, including previously hidden fans who tagged along with a friend or bought off the secondary market.

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Gate your stadium or arena Wi-Fi to know who’s in your seats.

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RFID chips & beacons

Collect and connect fan data around your venue.

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POS systems

Access data from food and drink vendors, merch sales, etc.

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Mobile Apps

Track downloads, logins, and app engagement to personalize content wherever fans are.

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Ticketing data

Get an in-stadium view of your most valuable ticket buyers.

Get more (and more valuable) sponsors

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Unlimited sponsorship inventory

Use our Digital Sponsorship Suite to add digital inventory with data-collection campaigns like favorite-player votes and sweepstakes.

Prove value to sponsors

Show sponsors your fans’ affinity for their brands and how they engage with sponsored campaigns. With opt-in activations, give sponsors lists of ideal leads to target.

Unite the data you need to act

Combine siloed sources

Bring together new data from data collection campaigns and your other sources including email and CRM for a complete view of fans.

A more efficient data warehouse

Data warehouses are big. Like, big big. Sometimes too big and way, way too slow for marketing and ticket sales to act on. Get the fan data you need and get selling quickly.

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