Umbel helps unify all your customer data into a single view that lets you gain insights on your most valuable customers, drive ROI and support data-driven decision making at all levels of your organization. We work with the most innovative thinkers in retail, brands, media, sports and entertainment to connect all their data from their siloed systems, in real-time. We’d like to share some of our favorite client success stories here.

Sports Stories

Whether you need to get more fans in your seats, sell more premium tickets or get the biggest, best and most relevant sponsors in front of your fans across all channels for the highest prices, Umbel can provide actionable audience intelligence that puts the power of the marketer, sales team and data scientist at your fingertips.

Brand & Agency Stories

Brand marketers need to understand, segment and convert the right prospects into brand loyalists. Brands use Umbel to achieve these critical marketing tasks, yet even greater value is realized when customer lifetime value increases as a result of more effective precision marketing at scale. Umbel helps brands find the right customers, identify and address them, and build long-term, meaningful relationships.

Entertainment Stories

Calculating ticket sales, page views and clicks is not enough. How do you engage millions of fans and make each and every one of them feel special? Umbel is the platform entertainment brands use to collect the data they need to reach and build relationships with their best fans. We can show you who your audience is, give you the tools to meaningfully connect with them, and leverage their data to find more individuals just like them — at scale.

Event Stories

Are you realizing the full potential of leveraging attendee data before, during and after your events? Umbel helps collect the right data so you can connect the dots between old and new audiences, on- and offline behaviors, brand affinities and more. While events may take place in a few hours or days, we all know they take months to plan. Securing the right sponsorships, programming, etc. hinges on a critical factor: knowing your audience. Umbel helps event companies boost sponsorships, create more relevant programming and increase ticket sales.

Nonprofit Stories

Actionable data insights help nonprofits become more efficient, transparent and accountable. Whether it's proving improved outcomes of programs or initiatives, increasing memberships or finding new doors and sponsors, Umbel helps nonprofits collect, unify and analyze audience data to allow more targeted and tailored interventions and initiatives for maximum impact.

Publisher Stories

Umbel gives publishers the data — and power — ad networks take away. Publishers use Umbel's simple, beautiful control panel to access cross-platform metrics that reveal who is engaging with which content in real-time. With Umbel, publishers finally own and control the audience data they’ve worked so hard to build. And it returns value pre-, mid- and post-campaign. Our publisher stories are about increasing premium direct ad sales, sustainable, data-driven audience growth and compelling campaign performance metrics.

Retail Stories

Whether you need to identify your high value customer segments, sell more inventory, increase the click-thru rates of your Facebook and Google Ads, discover who your real competitors are, or find out which products and brands your customers love most, Umbel can provide actionable customer intelligence that puts the power of the marketer, sales team and data scientist at your fingertips.