Austin City Limits Live

Driving Ticket Sales for Cross-Genre Concerts

Success highlights

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$130 average online conversion

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100+ concerts per year

graph with a nest egg showing ROAS (Return on ad spend)

Up to 47X return on ad spend

Sharilyn ACL
Sharilyn Mayhugh
Director of Marketing

“We’re seeing huge conversion with our reach extension campaigns. Our ROI has been anywhere from 24x on the low end, all the way up to 47x.


Ticket sales across 100+ yearly events

As a venue that hosts approximately 100 concerts and events annually, spanning all genres and appealing to a broad audience of music lovers, ACL Live understands the importance of tailored audience targeting for fan engagement and ticket sales. Umbel partners with ACL Live to prove that high event frequency doesn’t have to lead to audience burn out. Through first-party data collection campaigns, Umbel helps ACL Live to realize their goal of transforming previously elusive fan groups into actionable ticket-buying audiences.


Music’s Best Address

Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theatre is a state-of-the-art 2,750-person capacity live music venue located in the heart of the Live Music Capital of the World—Austin, Texas. In addition to hosting over 100 concerts per year, ACL Live is home to the acclaimed KLRU-TV produced PBS series, Austin City Limits, the longest running music series in American television history.


How Umbel helps ACL Live turn first-party data into actionable, ticket-purchasing audiences

  • Umbel integrated directly to ACL Live’s ticketing provider’s digital platform in order to collect tokens from customers who socially connect and share social identity data.
  • Umbel uses this data to identify unique targeting combinations within an artist’s audience and then targets new users with similar affinities on Facebook to drive ticket sales for upcoming concerts and events.
  • Umbel’s Reach Extension Facebook ad campaigns for ACL Live result in up to 47x return on investment, greater than 4% average CTR, and an average of $130 per online conversion—more than 2x the average ticket price.

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