Brooklyn Sports & Jetblue

How an NBA and NHL team engaged fans and drove sponsorship revenue with a digital campaign

Success highlights

three ID cards representing fan records

11,638 net new fans

hand pointing on a phone representing clicks of leads

15,000+ fans engaged w/ sponsor activation

dollar sign within a circle representing cost per lead

7.4x average return on ad spend

Ashley Kahler
Ashley Kahler
Sr Director, Partnership Marketing & Brand Strategy

“We activated a digital platform for JetBlue that hit their key objectives and utilized these engagements to build our internal database with new customer records.”

Engage fans and sponsors

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment (BSE) wanted to create a unique opportunity for fans of the Brooklyn Nets and New York Islanders, which the company manages. Together with their corporate partner JetBlue they launched the “Fly Me To” campaign to give fans a chance to enter to win two tickets on JetBlue to watch the teams play on the road.

Create a compelling offer

BSE used Umbel’s Activation campaigns to create ten sweepstakes across seven cities. Unlike other digital campaigns that can take weeks or months, they were able to create and deploy these in ten days or less. JetBlue supported the campaigns and received prominent branding on all digital assets. Umbel’s Digital Media Services team promoted the sweepstakes with Facebook ads targeted to regional sports fans and people who had brand affinities for JetBlue.

Fly Me To was a great step forward in JetBlue’s activation with the Nets and the Isles … [I]t resulted in some of the highest sweepstakes entries we’ve ever seen. Furthermore, it helped us demonstrate our destinations while capturing valuable customer insights and data.

Ashley Graf, Manager New York Regional Marketing, JetBlue

BSE and JetBlue were able to gather insights on fans' travel to games

Track campaign performance and collect data

As the sponsor of the promotion, JetBlue received brand awareness, campaign performance metrics and data on the fans who interacted with the campaign. By collecting data via Activations, BSE and JetBlue had access to unprecedented insights into fans who engaged with the campaign, including contact information, demographics, and specific brand affinities from social media. These insights then became a part of the organization’s broader database within Umbel, which BSE’s teams use throughout the organization to drive fan engagement and ticket sales.

Fans could also opt-in to receive communications from the airline and answered questions within the entry form such as “Have you ever flown on JetBlue before?” or “How many times do you fly on JetBlue per year?”

Gather new leads and sell tickets

Over 15,000 fans engaged with the promotion, and 11,638 of those fans were net-new to BSE’s database. In addition to the data they collected, BSE also tracked ticket sales from fans who engaged with the campaign and then purchased tickets to a Nets or Islanders game. While ticket sales wasn’t an initial goal, BSE earned a 7.4x return on ad spend from the Islanders campaigns and a 3.3x return on ad spend from the Nets campaigns.

Provide value and ROI to a sponsor

Using Umbel’s Digital Sponsorship Suite, BSE can give JetBlue detailed metrics about the success of the campaign including impressions and the number of fans who entered to win. However, BSE can now also give JetBlue detailed data about the fans who interacted with their brand including demographics, brand affinities, and answers to survey questions. This is value that a sponsor wouldn’t see from traditional sponsorship assets. The campaign also extended beyond the initial sweepstakes—JetBlue and BSE continued the campaign through social media, sharing stories of winners and their travels. All of these fan insights can be used to drive strategy for future campaigns that BSE plans to run not only with JetBlue, but all their other corporate sponsors.

“Fly Me To” winners enjoying the game in Chicago