Sell More Tickets Year Over Year

Using Umbel’s audience intelligence and smart data platform, Transmission Events connected the dots between attendance and which brands fans follow on social media, targeting fans likely to purchase to increase conversion, lower CPC and gain unique views.


Selling Independence to the Music Industry

Transmission Events used Umbel to superpower music festival ticket sales using first-party audience data and Facebook targeting. With Fun Fun Fun Fest, the darling of independent music festivals, Transmission Events sought to increase VIP tickets sales and attract new audiences to purchase tickets.


Locating and Engaging the Audience

Transmission Events used Umbel’s digital genome platform to increase unique website views, grow their audience (x 8K), increase conversion and lower CPC, resulting in 32X ROI across ticket sales, 8.3% unique CTR, $0.09 average CPC, 3.7% increase in online engagement, more than 50% of all ads achieved social context and more than new 8K page likes, plus thousands of shares and hundreds of comments.


How Umbel helped Transmission Events leverage audience data to sell tickets

  • Fun Fun Fun Fest employs Facebook Connect to make the registration experience for its users as convenient as possible. Umbel then uses the permission granted during the Facebook Connect to collect extremely valuable social graph customer data.
  • Additionally, Umbel instruments the FFFFest properties to identify which users fall into the defined segments of the “goal funnel,” based on their behaviors, i.e. “browsed the lineup,” “purchased VIP tickets,” etc.
  • The combination of social data and behavioral data is analyzed using Umbel’s Digital Genome® audience analysis technology. Umbel then builds and optimizes a fully-managed Facebook advertising campaign that drives more customers who match the specific, unique traits of customers who are most likely to purchase tickets, powered by the Digital Genome and Umbel’s algorithms.

The Benefits of Using Umbel Data

  • With an average cost per click (CPC) of $.07 and a unique click through rate (uCTR) of 8.3% across all campaigns, Umbel was able to leverage the FFFFest audience data to open up the Facebook network as an extremely efficient channel for selling tickets.
  • Improved ticket sales: Umbel achieved a 32X ROI across ticket sales.
  • Increased online engagement: 3.7% virality; over 1/2 of all ads delivered had social context showing friends engaged as opposed to just a promoted post.
  • Increased festival awareness with posts: over 8K likes, thousands of shares, hundreds of comments, boosting the social reach of posts.
  • Access to real-time insights about audience’s favorite brands to bolster local and national sponsorship sales efforts.
"We have a very elusive audience. Being able to use our real audience data to improve our ticket sales completes the ROI loop for us. Umbel enables us to intelligently grow our audience, which results in more data, which helps us grow an even higher quality audience." - Bobby Garza, General Manager, Transmission Events

Photo: Flickr, Chad Cooper