Florida Panthers

How an NHL team achieved 12.5x ROI with a data management platform.

Success highlights

dollar sign within a circle representing cost per lead

21.1x ROAS for Grateful Dead Night

graph with a nest egg showing ROAS (Return on ad spend)

$8,711 average ticket revenue per email

crosshairs hitting a star showing hyper targeted advertising

14.6x average return on ad spend

Umbel’s not just giving us insight into our fan base. They’re helping us make our data actionable and drive measurable ROI across our marketing channels. Segmentation allows us to deliver the message to the right audience and maximize ticket sales and sponsorships.


— Genya Adesso, Vice President of Marketing, Florida Panthers

Acquiring and unifying data to get a complete fan view

The Florida Panthers enlisted Umbel, a first-party data management platform, to take their data-driven marketing efforts to the next level­—to increase their fan base, sell more tickets and drive sponsorship revenue. 

To get started, the Panthers combined all of their existing fan data in Umbel from various sources to get a complete view of their fans. They also collected first-party data including social brand affinities, behaviors and demographics using Umbel’s Activation campaigns.

Using segmentation to send personalized emails with high ROI

In the past, the Panthers would send emails to their entire database to promote each upcoming game. Using Umbel, the Panthers implemented a more targeted approach and created custom segments based on fans’ preferences for specific brands or opposing teams. They exported those segments into their email service provider to send out highly targeted emails to the 3-5% of their database most likely to attend a specific game. Each email drove an average of $8,711 in ticket sale revenue, and the Panthers saw the highest open and click-thru rates, and lowest unsubscribes of any previous campaign.

Selling tickets through targeted social advertising

The Panthers also worked with Umbel to run targeted ticket sales campaigns on social media. To promote theme nights like Grateful Dead Night, the team targeted people on Facebook who had affinities for the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia and other jam bands. Powered by Umbel data, these campaigns achieved an average of 14.6x return on ad spend throughout the season and allowed the Panthers to reach ticket buyers outside of their traditional fan base.

Enhancing CRM records with data to sell premium tickets

After implementing two new ticket sales channels, the Panthers are building on their data strategy to sell premium tickets and sponsorships. Using Umbel’s Salesforce app, the Panthers are able to view demographic and geographic data, social brand affinities and ticketing data on individual contact records in Salesforce in order to drive bottom-of-the-funnel conversion of the highest-value fans.

Driving revenue with digital sponsorship sales

The Panthers have also worked with Umbel to sell digital sponsorships on their Fan Zone website where fans can engage with sponsored promotions. For example, fans can enter to win tickets to a birthday party for the Panthers’ mascot, a promotion sponsored by Coca-Cola. These digital sponsorships allow the sponsors to directly engage with fans while the team can give the sponsor results including detailed engagement metrics, data about the fans who engaged and contact information for the fans who opt-in to receive communication from the sponsor. This level of reporting and insights isn’t available via traditional sponsorships.

Thus far the Panthers have achieved an astounding 12.5x return on their investment with Umbel. As the Panthers continue to evolve their data strategy, they’ll increase their potential to find new fans, sell more tickets and drive additional sponsorship revenue.

Umbel’s Activation offered fans the chance to win four tickets to Stanley’s Birthday celebration game in exchange for valuable first-party data.