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Powering Marketing and Ticket Sales with Deep Audience Insights

Success highlights

dollar sign within a circle representing cost per lead

10x average ROAS for each extension

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22 million+ annual ad impressions

graph with a nest egg showing ROAS (Return on ad spend)

Up to 40X return on ad spend

Uri Bogler
Uri Bogler
Vice President of Marketing

“We empowered our clients to take action with their data through highly targeted marketing campaigns that increase ticket sales.”


Identify ticket buyer profiles to find new fans

Front Gate’s primary goal is to truly understand who their ticket buyers are. Using those insights, they wanted to implement data-driven lookalike campaigns online to reach fans who may not know about upcoming shows. One of the main reasons people don’t attend concerts or festivals is because they didn’t know about it in the first place. By using Umbel, Front Gate wanted to run weekly campaigns targeting fans based on past purchase history.

Create highly targeted offerings for customers

In addition to intelligent data collection and analysis for the concert industry, Front Gate also wants to help clients better understand their audience, connect with fans in a meaningful way and find people similar to existing fans—with precision and scale. Front Gate’s clients want to tailor their offerings for customers including better pricing models, sponsor liaisons, having the right food and beverage options and determining the best advertising channels for maximum ROI.

Additionally, Front Gate’s goals are to:

  • Connect one-to-one with fans and keep them updated on upcoming events
  • Convert fans/sell tickets on sites like Facebook with targeted content and offers
  • Sell and upsell sponsorships based on deep audience insights


Front Gate Tickets is one of the world’s leading providers of turnkey, end-to-end ticketing, fulfillment, marketing and RFID solutions for large-scale music festivals, events, artists and venues. Their clients include the Coachella Valley Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, London’s Barclaycard presents British Summer Time, and X-Games. In addition, Front Gate provides services directly to renowned touring artists and world-class venues. Front Gate’s goal is to ensure fans have the best possible experience through the entire ticketing process.

Front Gate partnered with Umbel to unify their customer data, visualize comprehensive audience analytics and take action with this data to drive ticket sales. Using Umbel’s platform, Front Gate uncovers data points in their customer base to create relevant ticket buyer profiles for a particular artist, then finds lookalike audiences via acquisition channels like Facebook and promotes upcoming events to them. Their clients have seen an average 10x return on ad spend across campaigns.


Audience insights power event marketing and ticket sales

By integrating Umbel visualizations and action layers directly into the Front Gate ticketing platform, the company is making data actionable for hundreds of their promoter and venue clients worldwide, putting deep audience analytics at the fingertips of key stakeholders. Front Gate’s clients use this data to run highly-targeted marketing campaigns in real-time.

Front Gate runs weekly campaigns targeting existing customers and potential customers who may be interested in events based on purchase history. This data-driven approach solves their number one problem: finding music fans who are mostly likely to buy tickets and letting them know about a concert in their area. Their clients have seen an average of 10x return on ad spend, with some individual campaigns generating as much as 40x return on ad spend! In a single year, Umbel has helped Front Gate generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in ticket sales at a low CPA.

Tailored content engages fans and reaches new audiences

Armed with deep data insights on who their fans are, who’s really buying tickets to events, and what brands, artists and products these fans care about, Front Gate’s clients are tailoring their offerings for customers. Event promoters look at the demographic and social graph data in Umbel to help inform them on how to price tickets. Clients can sell and upsell sponsorships more strategically based on fans’ brand affinities.

Benefits of using Umbel data

  • Reach Extension campaigns generate an average of 10x return on ad spend
  • Individual campaigns are generating as much as 40x return on ad spend
  • Over a few months, campaigns generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in ticket sales
  • Umbel promotes transparency in data collection and usage, only taking what’s needed to produce an optimized user experience
  • Demographic and social graph data help promoters with smart ticket pricing

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