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Using Data to Grow Fan Loyalty

Success highlights

three ID cards representing fan records

300,000 imported fan profiles

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13X Facebook ROAS

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Single view of fans on every channel

Jeff Tzucker of the Indiana Pacers
Jeff Tzucker
Director of Digital Marketing

Umbel has given us unprecedented insights into our fans. When anyone mentions ‘Umbel’ around the office, everyone listens.”


  1. Build complete fan database
  2. Make automated, targeted segments to sell single, package, and season tickets across all channels
  3. Create path for fans to move from single ticket purchases to season ticket holders


Need for richer fan data and improved understanding of fans

The Indiana Pacers wanted to better understand their fans, create a more comprehensive and cohesive fan experience, and better anticipate their fans’ interest.

As a first step, the Pacers partnered with Umbel in early 2014 to collect and import over 300,000 fan profiles into the Umbel platform. By centralizing their fan data, Umbel helped the Pacers run far more sophisticated marketing campaigns for both new and existing fans.


Moving fans from upper level seats to floor seats

Since then, the Pacers have been able to continuously grow their fan database. The team uses Umbel to segment fans based on ticket purchases, brand affinities, income, etc. For example, the Pacers’ marketing team ran a campaign where they offered $5 tickets to a targeted segment. As a result of these sophisticated segments, the Pacers saw 13X return on ad spend on Facebook. Not only did this campaign outperform other marketing efforts, but fans also self selected to purchase higher priced tickets — almost 15X more than the initial $5 offering.

By combining the segment of people who decided to purchase higher priced tickets with existing information in the Umbel platform, they can clearly see what prices their fans are willing to pay for tickets and create marketing messaging accordingly.

Maximizing revenue, fan experience, and sponsorship opportunities

The Pacers now use their data to connect with fans, increase ticket sales, find perfect sponsors, and produce memorable in-stadium fan experiences. Their next steps with Umbel include exploring predictive marketing capabilities, experimenting with omni-channel campaigns and find perfectly aligned sponsorship opportunities.

Example of an Umbel Engagement

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