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Selling match tickets on Facebook with first-party data

Success highlights

dollar sign within a circle representing cost per lead

3.7X ROI in four months

graph with a nest egg showing ROAS (Return on ad spend)

30.3X ROAS on two paid campaigns

three ID cards representing fan records

3,416 net new fans w/deep insights

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Enda Lynch
Head of Commercial & Marketing

“Munster was delighted to partner with Umbel. The results which Umbel delivered for us were above target, both in capturing some of the data that sat un-monetized in our social channels and also utilizing existing in-house data to a much greater effect.”

Engaging with Munster fans on social

Munster Rugby, one of the top rugby teams in the PRO14 league, has some of the world’s most dedicated rugby fans. But Munster wanted to learn more about their overall fan base, so they could enrich the fan experience and sell tickets to fans who might not otherwise attend. With the goal to get more first-party data on newsletter subscribers and to sell tickets on social media, Munster partnered with Umbel to help jumpstart this process on Facebook. By implementing contests with Umbel’s easy-to-use social authentication tool, they made data collection extremely easy while creating a smooth process for fans.

Munster used Umbel's engagement tools and their inventory to gain deeper data on their fans.

Collecting fan data with sweepstakes

Using Umbel’s Activation campaigns to collect valuable first- party data (that is data collected directly from the fans), Munster and Umbel gained insights into the fans that already engage with the newsletter and Facebook page. For example, from the three campaigns run in the spring, Munster now knows fans’ top brand and sport affinities, as well as geographies.

Increasing revenue through Facebook

Umbel’s Digital Media team used these insights to drive hyper-targeted ticketing campaigns for upcoming matches. For example, they were able to see that the RTÉ One—an Irish television network—was a high-indexing brand affinity in the Munster database, and were able to adjust their targets to get higher conversions. The two paid campaigns run by the Umbel team generated over €30,000 in revenue and 30X ROAS. Not only was the ticketing campaign successful, but Munster gained 3,409 net new fans in the Umbel database with deep first-party insights.

Hyper-targeted campaign to sell tickets to Munster vs Ulster match

Leveraging more data and growing success

Munster Rugby believes that data will be essential to creating the ultimate fan experience while increasing their revenue. Over the next two years, they’re seeking to gain 60k fans with deep fan insights, while continuing to turn “likes” into known fans in their database (and filled seats in their stadium). Munster is paving the way by breaking down data silos, and gathering and leveraging first-party fan data through the Umbel platform—all while keeping the fan at the heart of their organization.

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