Increase Memberships, Program Signups & Community Impact

  1. Hit and exceed new membership goals
  2. Grow donations from new and existing donors
  3. Improve programming based on member preferences

Unlock Data to Drive New Memberships

The YMCA of Austin had volumes of data about their members and community, but that data was siloed, incomplete and inaccessible. Their team spent too much time sifting through data manually and got little in return. The YMCA of Austin partnered with Umbel to clean, connect and enrich their data and give their entire team a visual interface to analyze the data. After partnering with Umbel, the YMCA of Austin team was able to easily segment and uncover insights about their members, better understand the surrounding community to tailor YMCA programs and services and create better targeting and messaging for their new member campaigns. The YMCA of Austin and Umbel quickly centralized 80,000 complete member records and used the resulting insights to generate hundreds of new memberships and six figures of additional revenue.

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YMCA of Austin Success Story with Leilani Perry

Increase Donations and Net New Donors

Enjoying the success of their membership work, the YMCA of Austin expanded their scope with Umbel to increase donations and attract new donors. The team developed several data-driven tactics. For example, they profiled past donors and then ran look-alike campaigns on Facebook based on brand and philanthropic affinities that past donors exhibited.

Customize Programs and Optimize Impact

The Membership and Program team’s purpose is to improve the YMCA member experience. They will use Umbel data to identify the likes and needs of members and customize their
programming accordingly. For example, the YMCA of Austin can use Umbel to uncover whether members like local yoga classes, barre studios or CrossFit gyms. This information helps them understand where they need to add more classes and to whom they should promote them.

"Our work with Umbel will be transformative for the Y movement. Gaining greater understanding of who we serve, what and where those services are needed, will change our trajectory. Our mission lives inside the data and they are helping us unlock the treasure." - Leilani Perry, Director of Marketing, YMCA of Austin