Phoenix Suns

Using an NBA ticket giveaway to grow fan database and drive revenue

Success highlights

three ID cards representing fan records

8,146 fans added to database

dollar sign within a circle representing cost per lead

$124K incremental revenue

graph with a nest egg showing ROAS (Return on ad spend)

$.16 per sales lead

Chris Kaiser
Director Of Marketing & Brand Strategy

“We’re collecting useful fan data, getting quality leads and selling tickets. We love it.

Gathering data with a compelling ticket promotion

The Phoenix Suns gave away tickets to the Blue Moon suite for two home games. Using Umbel, they ran campaigns on Facebook to promote the giveaways and used data collection tools to gather fan data in the process.

Example of Suns campaigns

Collecting valuable fan contact information

The Suns collected data including demographics and brand affinities from the 8,146 fans who entered to win, but they also collected 4,600 phone numbers at a cost of $0.16 per lead, a key resource for their sales team.

Measuring the value of new fans in the database

Not only did the Suns grow their database by 8,146 fans, but they were able to attribute $124,733 in revenue to these fans over time. The campaign resulted in a $15.31 value per acquisition.

Driving incremental ticket sales from the promotion

As an added bonus, the Suns matched the profiles of people who entered to win tickets to the Blue Moon suite with the profiles of people who bought tickets to that specific game after the promotion. They discovered that the promotion resulted in 211 incremental tickets sold and $8,992 in revenue from people who didn’t win, but still ended up buying tickets to the game.

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