Revolutionize Brand Advertising

Vox Media wanted to take the middle man out of digital publisher monetization — choosing to be their own agency and giving advertisers more bang for their buck, with a way to prove and optimize user engagement. The goal was simple: make digital as effective and profitable as TV or print, all while maintaing user privacy and optimizing user experience.


Where Talent Meets Passion

Vox Media is one of the fastest-growing online publishers, focused on lifestyle brands that connect with passionate audiences. Vox is solving the problem of developing high-value digital journalism, storytelling, and brand advertising at scale. Its audiences are among the most engaged and affluent on the web.


Digital Media Goes Agency – And Does It Better, Too

Vox Media uses Umbel's data visualizations to pack a punch on the company's mid and post campaign reporting, showing on-site brand advertisers exactly who the audience is that interacts with their campaigns, allowing those advertisers to create better ads, creative and experiences in order to reach continuously higher benchmarks and engagement goals, primarily on branded content.


How Umbel empowers Vox Media through deep Social Identity + First Party Data

  • Umbel code is placed on Vox Media properties and campaigns are tagged along with other key behavioral traits.

  • When an unknown or known user sees or interacts with an ad campaign, the rich data about each user is then associated with the served ad, conversion or not. 

  • In real-time Umbel reports back data about the audience who interacts with the ad and can further optimize reach around conversions in order to drive look-alike audiences on brand affinity and demographic data.

The Benefits of Using Umbel Data

  • The ability to visualize audience engagement and conversion on branded content pieces and build lookalike audiences to increase brand sponsorship exposure and add rate card options.
  • Unify audience data including on-site behaviors and the interest graph to sell to and retain potential brand advertisers by using detailed qualitative reporting to prove the audience has a meaningful affinity for the brand and will lead to increased conversions and overall engagement.
  • Provides an understanding of which content resonates best with specific audiences, to more precisely optimize content and continue to build a premium audience.
"Vox uses Umbel to really understand our audience. We are a premium publisher and understanding our audience is incredibly important to not only how we develop that audience and how we create content, but also how we build great experiences for our brand partners." - Trei Brundrett, Chief Product Officer, Vox Media

Photo: Flickr, normalityrelief