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After a five year hiatus, the F1 USGP announced it was bringing the race to Austin, TX in 2012. Press coverage and excitement around the returning event created buzz and free marketing that ensured a sold out event with little planned marketing efforts. However, in its second year, the 2013 F1 USGP had lost some of the novelty of the previous year and COTA faced new marketing challenges.

At the 11th hour before the 2013 race, COTA enlisted the help of Umbel to drive ticket sales and boost brand awareness. Since then Umbel has also helped COTA sell tickets in 2014 and will continue to partner with them to drive ticket sales and find new fans.

Interview with Harlow Yaeger, Digital Marketing Manager

In a Class of Its Own

Circuit Of The Americas is a multi-purpose facility that hosts the most prestigious racing events in the world, including the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix™. It is the first purpose-built Grand Prix facility in the U.S.


A Record Smashing Victory, Year After Year

Circuit of the Americas used Umbel’s smart data platform to run intelligent Facebook Ads to drive online ticket sales. For the 2013 Formula One Grand Prix, Umbel drove up to 50% of all online ticket sales during the 40 days prior to the race, returning 6x on COTA's investment. In 2014, by helping COTA collect even more customer data and run highly-targeted campaigns, Umbel helped drive a whopping 16x ROI on ticket sales.


Collect and Leverage Online Audience Data

  • Umbel created a first-class responsive activation app that offered a minimalistic Facebook login approach to collect the first-party data of COTA’s audience upon ticket purchase.
  • Within a week, Umbel had captured enough statistically relevant interest and behavioral data from these ticket purchasers, giving COTA deep insight into their audience.
  • Umbel identified the most valuable behavioral segments within this audience and used its unique Reach Extension algorithms to acquire premium lookalike audiences and drive purchases across Facebook, FBX, Adwords, and email.

The Benefits of Using Umbel Data

  • In 2013: 6x ROI on ad spend for ticket sales. In 2014: 16x ROI on ad spend for ticket sales.
  • 80% of Umbel traffic driven to client website and landing pages were new visitors to the Austin F1USGP
  • Umbel provided 23% of all online traffic to client website and landing pages (3rd largest online traffic source above Yahoo! and Bing)
  • 7% increase in Facebook page likes, and post comments and shares
Umbel showed us the importance of collecting our audience data, helped us make sense of it, and used it to reach the F1USGP fans we’d been missing.

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Photo: FlickrSteven Phillips