The Panthers Marketing & Ticketing Teams Are Using Umbel To:

  1. Build a robust fan database
  2. Increase single, package and season ticket sales through social and email channels
  3. Combine & analyze fan data across multiple silos to create a better fan experience

Making Sense of Overwhelming Amounts of Fan Data

The Florida Panthers are passionate about using data and technology to deliver the best possible fan experience. Frustrated by how difficult it was to coordinate data from Ticketmaster, social media and Eloqua, the Panthers partnered with Umbel to help organize and make sense of their fan data. Additionally, the Panthers wanted to continue collecting and fueling their database with extensive first-party data on their fans, so they implemented contests and giveaways using Umbel’s easy-to-use social authentication tool, making data collection extremely easy.


Increasing Revenue Across Multiple Channels

These efforts paid off after partnering with Umbel, the Panthers had a 19x ROAS for this year’s season opening game. The Panthers used the Umbel platform to identify unique attributes to create a “fingerprint” of their typical fan. Using this “fingerprint” they were then able to create segments to easily target new fans that looked exactly like existing fans on social, email and owned web channels. The Panthers created customized marketing campaigns allowing them to convert these fans and also collect first-party data. The Marketing and Ticketing teams continued these efforts and ran a highly customized group ticket campaign during the holidays that generated a 25x ROAS. The Panthers were able to attribute this increase in revenue across multiple channels to being able to use Umbel to get a much more nuanced understanding of their fans.

Next Steps

Building on Current Success and Growing Audience Reach

The Florida Panthers believe in the competitive advantage their marketing teams get with first-party fan data and the Umbel platform. As a best practice, they use Umbel to hyper-target relevant audiences for ticket sales. They are expanding their efforts to power all of their cross-channel marketing campaigns (including Instagram and in-stadium technologies) with Umbel data to deliver the ultimate Panthers experience.

"Umbel lets Sales reach out to a highly-effective, segmented audience across multiple channels. We've seen great success in ticketing campaigns across email, Facebook and telemarketing channels, and delivered more than 6x ROI in our first year together." - Pamela Zager-Maya, VP of Marketing, Florida Panthers

Image Credit: Florida Panthers